This past July I took off with my family for a two week vacation. When I left the house I was just another guy with a job, when I came back I was co-owner of Regina’s newest plumbing company (Yikes!). 

Family Plumbing and Heating has officially launched and is on the attack to bring quality workmanship to Regina, Saskatchewan. I have especially been overwhelmed with the amount of support Tyler and I have received from friends and family. Everyone has been so encouraging to both of us. This has been my first-week going full time with Family Plumbing and Heating and I did not expect how busy I would be. I thought I would spend most of my week at home sitting around in my underoos waiting for the phone to ring, but to my delight, I have had to put on pants every day! This kind of support appreciated more than a blog can describe and the love Family Plumbing and Heating receives is the same kind of support we will give back to our customers.

I did not expect so much behind-the-scenes work would have to be done to allow two plumbers to start cruising the streets of Regina though. Fill out this form, drop of that form, re-fill out the previous form because you wrote down the date different than what “they” like. (It actually happened) But it’s totally worth it to be able to bring family-oriented customer service to Regina Saskatchewan.

Thanks for coming to check out Family Plumbing and Heating’s initial entry into “Family Over Everything”, and I hope you have time to check out the rest of our website. While Tyler and I are very proud of what we have created so far, we are far from complete. (So don’t judge the website too harshly please) We plan to provide as much advice for homeowners as possible and cultivate a close relationship with our client base. As of right now though feel free to get ahold of me or Tyler to assist you with your plumbing and HVAC repairs and installations. We always try to provide next-day service if not same-day service.