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Having clogged drains is a recurring issue among Regina residents. It is so easy to accidently pour a greasy substance down a sink, or maybe your child flushed a toy car down the toilet (something we have experienced many times). At Family Plumbing and Heating we have the knowledge and toolset to help clean and unclog your drains.

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24Hour Callout

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Drain Cleaning in Regina

At Family Plumbing, we understand that blocked drains are a nuisance and it can be a huge hassle to go through. That is why our licensed plumbers are available for any drain cleaning job in Regina. With our help, clearing the clog should not instantly top your list of worries.

We provide 24/7 drain cleaning services throughout Regina!

What is Drain Cleaning?

Cleaning a drain is a tricky job and not something that you should try without the proper equipment. Debris like grease, hair, grease and other organic material can cause the blockage of your sewer systems. The result will be disgusting sewer water backing up in your home or office floors until it can create a huge puddle collector.

To avoid these expensive repairs and have an available line for your home or business, it is important to contact a professional drain cleaning company and maintain the drains regularly to keep them open. By doing so you will be able to resolve any minor problem before it becomes an issue.

How Often Should My Drains Be Cleaned?

It depends on the type of drain and your location.  The frequency of drain cleaning can vary from twice a year to once a month. Remember, the more you use your drain, the more frequently you will have to have it cleaned. The easiest way to check the frequency of your drain cleaning is by checking the “cleanliness” of your drain. A clean drain will have a fresh, clean smell to it. A drain that smells musty, greasy or sour will need to be cleaned immediately.

We typically recommend a homeowner have their drains cleaned at least once a year. But it depends a lot on how well your treat your drains. For instance, commercial customers like bars and restaurants may require drain cleaning on a monthly or quarterly basis.

How Much Does Drain Cleaning Cost?

The cost of drain cleaning will vary by the size of the drain and the type of debris. In general, drain cleaning costs $150 and up. The cost will be higher if you have major clogs or a pipe collapse. A plumber will determine the type of drain and any problems he finds. This will help in determining how much the drain cleaning cost is.

If you haven’t cleaned out your drain in a long time, it may be due for some maintenance. Call our team today at 306-519-3722

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