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The purpose of a home is not just to provide shelter for your family. Your family needs to live comfortably as well, which means that it is necessary to regulate the temperature conditions within your home.

Most homes have two independent systems to regulate internal temperature conditions: an air conditioning system and a furnace. Air conditioning systems are responsible for cooling internal air while a furnace warms the internal air through forced-air heating.

Many different manufacturers of furnaces can install in your homes. Of course, all of them have their own merits. However, one of the more popular furnace brands in the market today is Amana Furnaces. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing Amana Furnaces.

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Company Credibility

You can trace Amana’s history as far back as 1934 when it started as a manufacturer of beverage coolers. Soon after, it became one of America’s most innovative companies and branched out to produce HVAC equipment and other household appliances. In 1997, Goodman Company purchased Amana to shift from being known as a manufacturer of unreliable and cheap products. In 2014, Daikin purchased Goodman along with its Amana brand.

Therefore, when you purchase any Amana brand, you can rest assured that HVAC giant Daikin Industries is backing it up. Daikin, Goodman, and Amana furnaces are similar; however, Amana comes with more premium parts.

AFUE Ratings

Furnaces are rated according to how efficient they are, expressed as in percentage known as their Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency or AFUE. This percentage indicates the percentage of energy used in heating a home and the percentage of energy that escapes.

Older furnace models have 70% or less AFUE, which means that 30% of energy is wasted. Amana furnaces are categorized into three tiers, namely: Basic, Better, and Best. All of their furnaces’ models have guaranteed AFUE ratings of 92% and above. Specifically, each tier will have the following AFUE ratings:

  • Entry-level furnaces from Amana include single-stage natural gas furnaces with a guaranteed AFUE of 92%. In addition, these models come with a multi-speed motor that automatically adjusts the airflow while keeping the system noise to a minimum.
  • The mid-range models of Amana furnaces come in single or two-stage variations. These mid-range furnaces come with a more efficient AFUE rating of up to 96%.
  • The top-tier Amana furnaces are considered by industry experts as the most efficient furnaces available today. These models have a guaranteed AFUE of 98%, which means that less than 2% of energy escapes or is wasted.

Energy Star Rating

Most of Amana’s mid to top-tier furnace models pass the Energy Star certification. As a result, homeowners using Energy Star furnaces are qualified to receive rebates or utility credits from energy providers, which will reduce their energy bills significantly.

Warranty and Service

The warranty given to top-tier Amana models is considered one of the best in the furnace market. Amana warranties include a brand-new furnace as a replacement if the heat exchanger fails within the warranty period. Likewise, Amana furnaces come with a 10-year general coverage on parts. To get the full warranty coverage, homeowners who purchase Amana furnaces must register their models online.

Amana is also a national brand which means that parts for their furnaces are available everywhere. Likewise, you can use any thermostat brand to control Amana furnaces. While certified Amana repair technicians will ensure a proper repair, trained HVAC technicians can repair most Amana furnace models.

Average Price Range

Amana furnaces may be costlier than other brands, ranging from $3500 to $6000 depending on which tier model you choose. However, the benefits you will get from Amana furnaces will be worthwhile in the long term.

Your family’s comfort should be your number one consideration when choosing a furnace to install in your home. The additional cost you put into installing Amana furnaces in your home will be worth it when you see how efficient they are in lowering your energy bills, especially if you live in a cold climate.

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