All In the Family

Co-owners Brenden and Tyler had both grown tired with the direction the plumbing industry had become. More and more, profits are being placed over the value of a quality product, and more companies are worried about bottom lines and market share.

Family is number one for Brenden and Tyler. When they aren’t plumbing there is nothing they would rather do than be with their families whether it’s at home or out and about in this community that they love. (Did we mention they are both Saskatchewan boys? And proud to be laying down their family and business roots in this province that they call home). And they know that you feel the same way about your families too. That’s why it is so important to them to make sure your family is safe and comfortable in your home and to treat you and your family with the very best and most affordable service. Their customers are just part of their extended family and that is how you can expect to be treated. And make sure to say hi if you see them out at the grocery store or your little one’s next baseball game!