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Summer is around the corner. Along with it comes the highest temperatures of the year. During these days, your home’s HVAC system is your only protection against extreme heat. It is the worst time for your air conditioning unit to fail, whether from poor maintenance execution, low-quality build, or other controllable factors.

If you want a durable AC unit that can get you through the worst of summer in a breeze, trust only Amana Air Conditioners. Installing an Amana AC in your home or office is the best decision you can make as the mercury starts rising during the months of June, July, and August.

Check out the information below and find out why Amana is a trusted air conditioner brand. Contact us if you want to know more or need to get your unit checked for the summer. We are happy to help.

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What is an Amana Air Conditioner?

For many years, Amana has been creating home appliances that make American households more comfortable. The Amana air conditioner is just one of its long line of high-quality and energy-efficient products, delivering first-rate performance through innovative engineering, advanced manufacturing technology, and passion for excellence.

Since it was established in 1934, Amana has always been at the forefront of heating and cooling technology. It is the first to come up with a cold storage locker, a side-by-side refrigerator, and a countertop microwave oven. To this day, Amana’s “American Pride” legacy continues, providing countless jobs and leveraging domestic resources to deliver high-quality products and improve lives.

What are the Benefits of an Amana Air Conditioner?

One of the biggest draws of installing an Amana air conditioner is the return that you get for your investment. Each unit is built using the latest manufacturing practices, guaranteed to deliver breakthrough results even during the hottest days of the year.

  1. Advanced Cooling Technology

Amana air conditioners come with CoreSense, an advanced diagnostics system that gives valuable insight for easier troubleshooting and quick repair. It is designed to shut down the system once unsafe conditions are detected, preventing extensive damages and costly repairs. Other models are built with ComfortBridge technology that allows them to make automatic adjustments when paired with an Amana gas furnace, reducing the energy consumption significantly.

  1. High Efficiency Ratings

The Energy Star rating offers a quick and effective way for homeowners and businesses to identify which products are energy-efficient. Since it was created in 1992, Amana has been working closely with the program to produce more efficient cooling and heating appliances that lead to savings and sustainable comfort at home. The SEER rating for Amana air conditioners ranges from 14 to 24.5, depending on the model.

  1. Unmatched Durability

With Amana air conditioners, you get much more than your money’s worth. The compressor is covered by a Lifetime Unit Replacement Limited Warranty, which applies as long as the buyer owns the home to which the unit is installed. All other parts are under a 10-Year Parts Limited Warranty. Between the two guarantees, you can enjoy your Amana air conditioner for many years.

  1. Quiet Performance

With its acoustically engineered system, you will hardly hear an Amana air conditioner while it is hard at work. Enhancements like the compressor sound-reduction cover made of high-density foam and a sound-control top ensure that you sleep soundly as your air conditioner keeps you cool.

How to Maintain an Amana Air Conditioner

Amana air conditioners are built to last, but periodic services are required for each unit to deliver on its promise of longevity. This includes inspection and maintenance by an Amana brand professional twice a year, preferably in spring and fall, before heavy use is expected.

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