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No other brand stands out like Carrier in home heating and cooling. Carrier has been a leading manufacturer of quality furnaces and central AC units and has been in business for more than a century.

Carrier is one of the top brands when it comes to high-efficiency furnaces. Carrier models have AFUE ratings ranging from 92.1% to 98.5%, guarantee less energy waste and more savings from your heating bills.

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About the Company

Carrier was founded in 1902 by the man who invented the modern air-conditioner, Willis Haviland Carrier. The Carrier brand became so popular and trustworthy that it was the brand being used for aerospace and most AC systems for large commercial buildings worldwide.

Exclusive Features of Carrier Furnaces

Different furnace brands may have features that are exclusive to their models. Carrier furnaces have these features:

  • ComfortFan. Carrier furnaces have a ComfortFan feature that gives you control over the speed of the heated air circulating your home. ComfortFan also allows you to control the humidity levels of your home to match your desired comfort level.
  • Infinity System Control. The Infinity System Control features a smart thermostat that you can control remotely using your mobile phone or any smart device. With this feature, you can control the temperature settings, the humidity levels, and the speed of air circulation of your home so you can come back to a comfortable home from work. However, this feature is only available for Carrier’s high-end Infinity series.
  • Hybrid Heat. Carrier furnaces allow you to alternate your fuel source from gas to electric. This feature is useful if you want to save on your heating bill because it lets you choose what fuel you want to heat your home.
  • PowerHeat. Carrier furnaces have the PowerHeat feature that eliminates the need for a pilot light. You can rest assured that your house will not get cold because of the pilot light being burnt out.

Carrier Tier Models

When it comes to purchasing furnaces, you get what you pay for. If you choose entry-level models, you may be saving money on the unit’s initial cost, but you are not getting the benefits of the added features that mid-range and high-end models have to give.

  • Entry-level models. Carrier’s Comfort Series is the entry-level furnaces that you can purchase with prices ranging from $3500 to $4835, including the installation costs. Comfort Series models have an AFUE rating of 92.1%, with one model getting an Energy Star certification.

The Comfort Series 59SC5 is an entry-level furnace that has an efficiency similar to Carrier’s mid-range models. This model comes with a single-stage furnace and a multi-speed blower motor that you can adjust according to your heating requirements while reducing noise levels.

In addition, entry-level models from Carrier all have the PowerHeat feature and the Hybrid Heat technology, which allows you to choose between gas and electricity for heating.

  • Mid-Range Models. Carrier only has one model under its mid-range Performance Series. This model is a reliable two-stage furnace that is both very efficient and quiet. The Performance Series 59TP6 is a variable speed, two-stage furnace with an Energy Star certified AFUE of 96.5%.

This model operates mostly on the lower heating stage and only switches to the second heating stage during days of extremely low temperatures.

  • Top Tier Models. Carrier’s top-of-the-line models are known as the Infinity Series and are considered among the most efficient units in the heating industry. All Infinity Series models are two-stage furnaces and have the premium features such as the Infinity System Control that allow you to remotely turn your furnace on and adjust its settings with your smart device.

Carrier has been a trustworthy name when it comes to AC units and furnaces. So, when you need to replace your home’s furnace, you cannot go wrong when choosing Carrier.

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