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With summer just around the corner, you can expect more sun-filled days to come, which means you will likely be turning on your air conditioning unit more frequently again. Thus, you naturally want to make sure your appliance is at its best during this time. Imagine how frustrating it will be to kick off the summer with a broken AC, whether it be caused by poor maintenance habits or a bad quality build.

When it comes to durable and quality air conditioners, Armstrong Air has long been considered a trusted brand for many. Check out the information below to learn more about what makes its AC units a smart investment for homeowners and professionals alike.

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Exclusive Features of Armstrong Furnaces

Armstrong furnaces have advanced features that are exclusive for their furnaces. These features set them apart from other furnace brands.

  • EHX Technology. EHX Technology is a heat exchanger technology exclusive to Armstrong furnaces. This feature improves airflow to distribute heat evenly without any hotspots. Likewise, this feature improves the heat exchange by increasing the contact surfaces between the heat exchanger and the air. All Armstrong furnaces, from the entry-levels to the top-tier models, are equipped with EHX technology.
  • Quiet Combustion. One unique feature of Armstrong furnaces is that they use a smaller BTU input per burner, improving heating and distribution. This feature also allows the furnace to operate at lower noise levels as compared to other brands.
  • Comfort Sync Thermostat. The top-of-the-line Armstrong furnaces come with Comfort Sync thermostats that monitor the internal components of your furnaces and inform you when they will need regular maintenance or service. Likewise, Comfort Sync technology will also allow you to remotely control your furnace’s settings, such as temperature, airflow, and humidity levels, with the use of your smart device wherever you are. This feature will allow you to warm your house in advance as you return home from work.
  • Advanced Heat Exchanger. Armstrong furnaces boast of their advanced heat exchanger technology, which makes their exchangers extremely durable and long-lasting.

Tier Models of Armstrong Furnaces

There is an Armstrong furnace for every home and every heating requirement. Homeowners on a budget for their home’s heating system may choose to purchase the entry-level Series, while those who want to reap the benefits of the more advanced features can choose the top-of-the-line models.

  • Entry-Level Models. The most basic Armstrong furnaces are known as the 1E Series. There are currently two models in this category that have AFUE ratings of 93% and 95%. Homeowners on a budget can spend $3000 to $3665 for the basic 1E Series, including the installation costs.

All entry-level Armstrong 1E Series is equipped with the Quiet Combustion and the EHX heat exchanger features. Both 1E Series models are single-stage furnaces that are capable of providing consistent comfort for your home.

  • Mid-Range Models. Armstrong has only one furnace model that belongs to their mid-range tier. The Armstrong 2E Series A952E model has an AFUE rating of 96% and is a two-stage furnace. Likewise, this model comes fully equipped with proprietary features such as EHX technology and advanced heat exchangers. The A952E model comes with a price tag between $3665 to $4330, including the installation cost.
  • Top-Tier Models. Armstrong Pro Series furnaces are the company’s top-tier models and are ideal for homeowners who want the best furnaces that money can buy. The Pro Series furnaces have two-stage or modulating heating and are have Energy Star certification.

These models also have efficiency ratings of 97% and are equipped with EHX heat exchange and Quiet Combustion technology. Only the Pro Series models have an added feature is the Comfort Sync Thermostat that lets you control the settings remotely. Pro Series furnaces come in a price range of $4330 to $5500.

All Armstrong furnace models are covered with a limited lifetime warranty for the heat exchanger and a limited 10-year warranty on serviceable parts. However, homeowners must register their Armstrong furnaces within 60 days after installation to get the full warranty. Only the standard warranty of five years on parts and 20 years for the exchanger will be honored if the model is not registered.

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