Powered Roller Conveyor

Consider how a powered roller conveyor at your workplace could speed up production and keep your product moving at a faster pace throughout your line; get in touch with CASI to find out about flexible conveyor systems designed to precisely fit the layout of your warehouse or packing house. We’ve partnered with Lozier to design and manufacture AGILITY, a line of flexible conveyors that bend, lift, and lower to conform to your custom footprint and eliminate challenges you may currently be facing.

3 Ways Our Powered Roller Conveyor Can Meet Your Needs

1. Our motorized conveyor system is superior to other conveyors because it provides consistent and reliable delivery at the right moment, so the next machine in your line can anticipate your product’s arrival and maintain a fluid motion. Designed with Zero Pressure Accumulation, these unique conveyors reduce the speed of your product whenever necessary.

Each section of our 24-Volt DC gravity roller conveyor system is plug and play and is designed with casters to make installing a simple process. Smooth & quiet operation makes this a must-have throughout your business. As each box exits the zone, the roller system powers off until the next box is present, a cost-saving feature our customers really appreciate.

2. CASI’s powered roller conveyor is built tough to take on loads exceeding 100 lb per linear ft. Construction features robotic welds and laser-cut components; its modular construction and flexibility are designed to fit your needs. Stores in a compact manner when not in use.

With adjustable heights and capabilities to bend around key areas in your facility, there’s not much AGILITY can’t handle. Review all of our intelligent automation solutions on our website or call a CASI machinery specialist at 814-870-9267 to learn more.

3. Not only is our powered roller conveyor a cost-effective option when you’re looking to expand your line or resolve efficiency issues, our system is designed to increase productivity, as well. Installing one of our flexible conveyors could be the best decision you make this year; your employees will think so, too.

There’s a reason why CASI is known throughout the e-commerce and order fulfillment industry as a name you can trust- we build durable, quality machinery with efficiency in mind- equipment that solves problems of all kinds in your warehouse or packing facility.

CASI & Lozier- The Perfect Match

We’ve gotten together with Lozier, a highly reputed name in the automation scene, and worked to design and build a line of automated systems that eliminate the most common causes of slow production. Our made-in-the-USA machines are in high demand because they live up to our promises. You’ll find more information about our conveyor systems, box cutters, automated box resizers, labelers, scanners, order pickers, sortation solutions, and more, as you explore our website.

Use the convenient ‘live chat’ link on our website to reach one of our product specialists, send us an email communication, or call to speak with someone in-person if you have questions about our automation solutions.

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Powered Roller Conveyor

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