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Within many households today, heat pumps, air conditioners, furnaces, and other types of HVAC systems are very prominent. This is especially true for any areas prone to extreme temperatures. Of course, you always want to have professional ductwork installers for initial installations and replacements. You also need quality HVAC cleaning services and professionals trained to fix commercial HVAC systems when needed. But, it would help if you also learned about the plenum in HVAC and what it means.

What is Plenum in HVAC?

HVAC systems have lots of components, from big to small. Each of them is there to perform specific tasks. The most common elements you may already know about include piping, fans, and compressors. However, the plenum remains to be the heart of most systems.

The plenum is an essential component in any HVAC setup connected to ducts, and it comes in an enclosed box. You will usually find it around other major components like the air handler, furnace, filters, etc. Your filter is located between plenum boxes; this is why you have to take the filter out of the box when cleaning or changing – this is the plenum box.

The main function of a plenum box within an HVAC unit is to distribute or regulate the cold or warm air coming out of the system into the required areas. Once the HVAC unit gets cooled or heated, the plenum takes the air out and pumps it back through the ductwork. This process helps take the air out and rotate it throughout the area – bring in air, distribute air, remove air.

Every HVAC system will usually have a set of plenum boxes. One is the supply, and the other is the return. The supply portion works by taking in cool or warm air and then distributing it via the ductwork. The return portion takes this used air and uses the ductwork to send it back into the core of the HVAC system.

Industrial HVAC Maintenance and Plenum Installation

Any commercial HVAC repair personnel will tell you how important the placement of the plenum can be for the overall system. Having professional installation is key so that you can ensure function and longevity. A poorly constructed system can lead to higher electricity bills because of improper fittings and possible leaks. Proper installation is vital to avoid:

  • Airflow problems – often occur due to an undersized duct system
  • Improper air distribution – poorly installed plenums may cause areas of the building to have poor heating and cooling
  • Short equipment life – the HVAC system will work harder with issues like poor ductwork, improper temp controls, and airflow leaks
  • Bad indoor air quality – issues with air filtration can bring down the quality of the air, so a poorly installed plenum may fail to filter your interior air correctly

Do you have questions relating to the plenum in HVAC or setting up a new installation? When it comes to all things HVAC-related, our team at Tradesman Manufacturing is here to help! You can reach us toll-free by dialing (888) 281-8040, and a member of our team can go over your needs.

Plenum Hvac

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