Air Conditioner repair and installation

Just like you want to be warm in the winter, you also like to stay cool in the summer. Family Plumbing and Heating wants to make that possible by providing air conditioning repair and installation services.

What to check for before scheduling an appointment

Many service calls can be avoided if a homeowner checks two areas of common problems.

  1. Dirty filter or outdoor condenser: Make sure the furnace filter has been replaced recently (regularly every 3 months) and clear debris build up around the outside condenser coil
  2. Does the unit have power?: Make sure that the breaker or any switches controlling the air conditioner or furnace are not turned off.

Air conditioner installations

Is your current system over ten years old? Do you regularly experience system breakdowns? Does it take excessively long to cool your home? If this describes your air conditioner it’s time for a replacement. Family Plumbing and Heating provides free estimates for any homeowners interested in updating their home comfort system. We install quality products backed with ten year parts warranty, installed by trained technicians. Updating your current air conditioner can help lower your energy bill in the summer while increasing the comfort inside your home.